This post introduces [66-day] (, a self-developed application for macOS.

Why did I developed it?

I want to change too…

I have tried various things to change my appearance and habit, but I have often failed. And the advice I got to stop the failure was to write down my goal in a conspicuous place and carry out the action every day for 66 days.

Where is the conspicuous place for me?

Thinking about it, I was spending more than half of my day staring computer monitor.

Where should I write it down?

So, I looked for an app that can improve my habits in macOS that I use, but sadly, there were no applications that were similar to what I wanted at home and abroad. So I decided to develop it myself.

How to use it?

Use as End User

Access to official page and downloading the .zip. And then, unzip it and use this application.

Use as developer

This project is an open-source project that follows the MIT LICENSE and anyone can contribute to improvement, freely apply and use it.